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Mothers Milk Small Oval Ring - 14k Gold Filled

A beautiful piece to recognize and celebrate this special time in your and your child’s life. A bond between Mama and babe.

I create a gem with your breast milk. The milk is preserved, powdered, and then hardened into a stone. (I add a luminescence whitener to enhance the beauty of the stone, you may request to not have it added).

Once you've ordered, I will send shipping tips to you that are specific to your country. Here are some basic tips:

For getting the milk to me, you can drop it off to me in Abbotsford or ship it!

Tiffany Matteazzi
2694 Bristol Drive,
Abbotsford BC, V2S 0G1
  • Please wait to receive your customized mailing instructions before sending the Milk. Immediately after your order has been placed, you will receive instructions in your email specific to your location and order information. If you do not receive this email, please reach out to me.
  • I only need about a quarter of an ounce!
  • Fresh, thawed, or frozen!
  • If you could double bag it that would be great!
  • If it’s frozen, there will be condensation, so use a waterproof or bubble wrap envelope (you can get them from the dollar store or post office)
  • Please push the air out of the bags so that it can not be ‘popped’ as it makes its way to me!

It takes me approximately 4 weeks once I recieve the milk to complete the ring 

CUSTOM SIZES * I can do any size from 3-13 including half sizes. If you require a size different than the listed sizes, please select "custom size" and leave a note on your order with your desired size. The custom sizes are hand made to order by a third party and the current wait time is approximately 16 weeks for the custom ring base to be made. Once I have the base, it would take me approximately 2-3 weeks to complete the stone. Please note these are estimates and are subject to change. Feel free to message me to inquire about specific wait times based on the size you need. To avoid these wait times, I would suggest selecting one of the listed sizes :)

Mothers Milk Small Oval Ring - 14k Gold Filled

£98.00 GBP

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Holly Line
Love it!

Just received my ring in the mail! Quality looks great! Such a sweet way for me to commemorate my breastfeeding journey with my 3rd and final baby! Thank you!!


I love it! So incredibly special ☺️

Rachel Rennie

Tiffany did a great job! Truly crafted a lovely product that has, so far, held up well to everyday wear and tear. I love my ring!


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