Cremation Jewelry

These special keepsake pieces are made using a small amount of your loved ones' ashes to create a stunning memorial stone. 

I started making memorial ash jewelry when a close friend of mine lost her father. I spent weeks learning how to make a piece for her. I wanted to get the ratio, design, and technique perfect before starting on it with her father's ashes. Once her ring was finished, and I brought it to her, it was the most heartfelt reaction I have ever seen. It was by far the most special piece I had made. I was so thankful that she trusted me with the ashes and allowed me to gift her the most special gift.

I promise I will treat your loved ones' ashes with the utmost respect. Any ashes that are not used will be returned to you.

Thank you for considering me to be the one to make this special piece for you. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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A beautiful way to commemorate this special time in your and your baby's life. These special keepsake pieces are made using a small amount of your breast milk to create a stunning milk stone. I would love to make a custom piece for you to cherish as your baby grows, and to be a reminder of this precious time.

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The '23 Collection

I selectively designed The ’23 Collection to inspire women to let their inner Goddess shine! Feel free to layer, experiment, and inspire your boldest self. Be daring and unapologetic and live your ultimate expression with these wonderful pieces from Gems and Juniper! ♡

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‘Handmade with Love' means that these are one-of-a-kind, made to order, pieces made by me. These are hand stamped, cut, pounded and/or assembled by my hands. These are hand stamped, not machine-made, they will be imperfect and unique to you alone. I feel that there is something special and unique about hand made items, the extra care, energy, and love put in each piece really carries through to the end wearer. I so love creating and making these meaningful pieces that are cherished.

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